FAQs - Tasks

Can I give a task to someone else to do?

Managers and PeopleSafe Coordinators can give tasks and complete tasks.

How will I know if the task is over due?

If the task is assigned to you, the task on your home page will go RED for tasks that are overdue. You can run reports to show you what’s overdue from the Reports tab > Tasks > Overdue Stuff.

I'm not getting any task notifications or reminders! Why's that?

If you have your email address in your Staff profile you should be receiving PeopleSafe notifications. If you have your email address entered and you're still not getting the notifications the next thing to check is that your profile has the On/Off buttons for receiving notifications (in the work section) selected to On. Following that it's worth checking your email inbox to make sure the notifications and reminders aren't being directed to your spam or junk mail folder. Then add PeopleSafe to your safe sender's list to stop this from happening.

I want to complete my task but I don't want to lose it, can I save it somehow?

The good news is yip there is a way of keeping tasks. Go to the One-Click Reports and click on TASKS, then click on ALL SORTED. Choose the type of task you need to look at and click a time frame. All the tasks in that selection will appear for you to be able to find what you're after.
There is also a trick to make your tasks find-able again using Notes in records.
Before you 'complete' a task, copy the URL of the task in your internet browser (that's the https://www.thisisanexample.com...) by highlighting it and pressing CONTROL+C then you can jump into the record that you want to save it against i.e. a person who completed the action, piece of gear that the maintenance was done on etc. Click on EDIT and add a note. In the note press CONTROL+P and paste it in. Remember to save.
Now if you complete the task you'll still be able to trace it and see that it was done by clicking on the link in the notes.

I've 'completed' a task so why does it appear again in my task list but with a later due date?

If you have an Action, Maintenance, Meeting, Plan, or Gear Check task that when you click 'complete' it doesn't go away that means that the task is set to repeat sometime in the future.
When a task is created there is the option to set the task to repeat again. This is helpful when the task is, for example, a monthly meeting or a job that needs to be done once a fortnight. The person completing the task just needs to be aware that when they complete the task PeopleSafe will create an identical task for the future. If you want to stop the task repeating, get your Manager or PeopleSafe Coordinator to edit the task and change or delete the repeat date.

I've deleted training tasks but they just show up again the next day?

If you have training tasks that sound like this: John Smith needs First Aid and you want to get rid of them you'll need to jump into settings to change a thing or two before you can delete them for good.
The reason why they keep showing up is PeopleSafe recognises that someone has been given a job and there is required training for that job.
PeopleSafe does a system scan in the middle of the night to see what people are missing the training and skills required for their jobs and when they find something they'll turn it into a task and pop it on your task list to remind you.
However if you need to get rid of the task here's what to do:
Click into Settings and find what job the training course has been assigned to. From here you can either do two things.

  • You could delete the job from the individual persons profile. That way PeopleSafe will recognise that because that person doesn't do that job, they don't need the training.
  • The second thing you can do is find the job in the settings job list. Once found, edit the job and uncheck the training course. Now anyone with the job won't have the training assigned.

We would suggest you get rid of the task by booking your people into doing the training or learning the skill then adding a training record. That way you can be sure your people are trained to do their job and PeopleSafe will have a record of it.

I've completed a task and it disappears off my list but still shows on my 'All Tasks' list, why won't it go away?

When a Action, Maintenance, Meeting, or a Plan task is created there is the option to set the task to complete if one person completes it or if every person who has been given the task completes it. If the task doesn't disappear once you've completed it that means there are other staff in your organisation that also need to complete the task. Once everyone has completed the task it will disappear off everyone's task list.

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