How Friend Security Clearances Work

Security Clearance is the name for the type of access a person can have in PeopleSafe. The type of security clearance will determine how much a person can see of the organisation they're connected to. The type of clearance can be easily changed by someone with PeopleSafe Coordinator clearance.
A Friend is anyone who is not a staff member but needs access to your site. You can choose the level of access you give them as a Friend.  For Friends there are three different types of access: Standard Friend, Auditor and Advisor. 

1. Standard Friend

Standard Friend is the basic access security clearance in PeopleSafe for your contractors, temp staff, volunteers, students etc. When someone with a Standard Friend security clearance logs in they will see their own personal details, and several other things. See table below.

2. Auditor

Auditor security clearance is for the people out there that need to see everything in the organisation. They are however unable to edit or change any of what they see.

3. Advisor

Advisor security clearance is for the friends who help ensure PeopleSafe works well for the organisation. They can see and do everything just like a Coordinator can but they are not a staff member of the organisation. They are responsible for keeping an eye on everything happening, maybe helping set up all the behind-the-scenes details, and making sure nothing is being forgotten or missed on PeopleSafe.

Table below shows what each Friend security clearance can do in PeopleSafe:

Standard Friend



Tell stories Tell and view stories Tell, review and edit stories
Update their own details Update their own details view staff details Update their own details and all staff
Complete their own tasks View staff tasks Complete their own tasks
View 'Risks' View 'Risks' View and edit 'Risks'
View 'Safety plans' View 'Safety plans' View and edit 'Safety plans'
View 'Allowed' documents View the 'Document library' View and edit documents

View and edit 'Risks' View and edit 'Risks'
View 'Gear' View and edit 'Gear'
View 'Gear checks' and 'Certification records'

Add 'Gear checks' and 'Certification records'

Do online learning Do online learning
View training records Book online learning and offline training for the organisations staff
View organisation contact and 'Friends' View organisation contact and 'Friends'
View 'PeopleSafe Check-in' reports Start and manage 'PeopleSafe Check-in'
Create reports using 'PeopleSafe reports' Create reports using 'PeopleSafe reports'
View organisation settings View and edit organisation settings

More about Friends

What happens if I change someone's security clearance from staff to friend (or the other way around)?

  • When you change a person's security clearance from Standard Staff to Friend you are essentially saying that the person isn't employed by your organisation anymore. Depending on the access you give them as a friend they can still tell stories and view risks when they log into your site etc but their name won't appear in lists for booking training or telling a story about a person. The opposite can be said if someone is turned friend security clearance to staff security clearance. They will now be able to be booked on training, tell stories etc.

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