Get Your User Accounts Setup

As part of the Jump Start process the PeopleSafe Support team will get your first import of staff done for you.  It's by far the fastest way to get your team setup with a login to your PeopleSafe Subscription, all you have to do is provide us with a .csv file.  Once this is done we will provide you a PDF that can be printed and handed to each staff member with their Login Details ( made up of a username and password)

What You'll Need:

Step One: Gather your information

There are two main ways to gather the information needed for us to set up your teams PeopleSafe User Accounts.  

Option 1 - From your Payroll Program

  • There may be an option to Export all your staff from your payroll program as CSV.   

Option 2 - Collect it from Staff directly

Step Two: Make your CSV File

  1. Update the PeopleSafe .csv Template file with your teams details
  2. To ensure the columns in your CSV file are labeled correctly, we suggest you copy data into the template provided, or copy & paste the headings from the template into your data. 
  3. Usernames must be unique to all users of PeopleSafe, not just users within your company. A good choice for Username is normally a person's Work Email, or even Mobile Phone number.  
    If you want us to decide usernames, please leave the field blank.
  4. We recommend leaving the password field blank, so PeopleSafe will set an initial random password, which will be provided in a PDF that you can print for each staff member. 
    (However you can choose to specify Passwords in the .CSV file if you really want to).
  5. If your organisation has less than 20 staff we suggest leaving the Jobs category blank and you can set these up later.

Step Three: Send the file to PeopleSafe HQ

Once you have checked the file and that you are happy with it you need to send it to us so we can check it and get it imported for you.

Please email it to

Detailed Overview of .CSV file fields

This chart shows you in details what are accepted values for the import into PeopleSafe.