Answers to your PeopleSafe Questions

Getting Started

Ready to setup the basics

Spend about 30 minutes adding your specific settings into PeopleSafe (the basics)

2 articles

Ready to launch to the team

Now you've got the basics sorted, it's time to ditch the paper and use PeopleSafe

4 articles


PeopleSafe Profiles / Logins

Lost Password, need to update details, go here

20 articles

Tell Your Story

How we Learn from stories told

21 articles

Managing Risks

Using Safety Plans and Emergency Plans to show how you manage your risks

8 articles

Training and Skills

Prove you have the skills, add them

14 articles

Gear, Plant & Structures

Prove your gear is safe

11 articles

Tasks & Notifications

10 articles

Technical Questions

Supported browsers and all things techy

22 articles

Other Stuff

17 articles

Small Business Guides

Managing People

2 articles

Recording Stories

1 article

Using Story Anywhere

1 article

Gear, Plant & Structures

1 article

Managing Your Risks

2 articles

Training and Skills Managment

3 articles

PeopleSafe Check-in

1 article


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PeopleSafe Releases

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