Answers to your PeopleSafe Questions

All Users

Manage Your User Account

Updating your contact details, resetting your password, updating privacy settings

9 articles

Record Your Safety Story

Using PeopleSafe to record the stories that happen + alert bosses of safety events

2 articles

Find Safety Information

How to find the Safety + Emergency Plans & other info that helps make work safer

1 article

Managing Users + Safety Information

Manage Your Users

Adding, updating, deleting, setting permissions and sorting passwords

9 articles

Review Safety Stories Told

The process for reviewing StoryAnywhere Alerts and Tell Your Story Alerts

9 articles

Manage Your Safety Plans

Use Safety + Emergency plan feature to record and share how to control risks

5 articles

Manage Training Records

Keep Records of training and skills your team have as proof they can manage the risks

5 articles

Manage Gear Safety Checks

Keep records of the safety checks you complete as proof your gear is safe

1 article

Get Insight with Reports

Check what's been happening with One-click reports. Board reports & more.

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Subscription Settings

Getting Started

Info, tips and tricks to help you get started using PeopleSafe in your organisation

3 articles

Admin Settings

Start PeopleSafe Checkin, create document folders, clean up old data, export data.

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Job Settings

How to use Jobs & Job skill sets to track workers training and skill requirements

1 article

Gear Settings

Set Up types of gear, add checks you want recorded, import gear lists.

5 articles

Tell Your Story Settings

Add + update places, activities, review & completion statuses + product types.

1 article

Training & Skill Settings

add + update Training Courses + Skills requirements and create online learning.

7 articles

Subscription + Billing

Payment details, account ownership, manage Safety Hubs, add another organisation.

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