Answers to your PeopleSafe Questions

Getting Started

Get your PeopleSafe account set up quick smart with these simple steps.

4 articles

People Profiles & Permissons

Manage your Users, create new users, set permissions and reset passwords.

15 articles

Tell Your Story ® Mobile App

Give users access to the Mobile App. Manage the alerts you get from your team.

6 articles


Recording and reviewing the safety stories that happen in your business.

10 articles

Safety Plans

Create Safety plans for the risks you find when people tell their stories.

7 articles

Training & Skills

Create records of your teams skills. Add new training requirements to jobs.

12 articles

Gear, Plant & Buildings

Create records of your gear and the checks you complete for it.

5 articles

Notifications & Tasks

Giving tasks to users, how notifications work, txt & email alerts, recurring tasks.

10 articles


Sharing files, setting permission, archiving files and supported file types.

4 articles


Check what's been happening with One-click reports. Board reports & more.

6 articles

PeopleSafe® Check-in

Set up info, connecting PeopleSafe Org Accounts, using PeopleSafe ID cards / app.

9 articles

Account Settings

Managing your billing, Tell Your Story Settings, exporting data.

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