Restore a User's Access to your Organisation

If a User has had access to your organisation in the past but has been deactivated, their access can be restored by activating them again. You should find them in your Inactive Staff list. 

Find the User

Find the User you want to restore.  Find a User in your Organisation

Activate the User

From the Smart-list displaying the User:

  1. Click View. Check the details to make sure this is the User you want to activate.
  2. Click the Options menu. 
  3. Click Activate
  4. The User is now active and instantly has access to your Organisation, including the Web application and the Mobile App.

Note: Make sure you let the worker know they have access and they can access your organisation in PeopleSafe using their existing login.

More about Restoring a User's access 

  • When a User is activated, they move from your Inactive List into your Active List and can instantly access your organisation. All previous Training & Skill records, notes and attachments in their Staff Profile will be restored. 
  • Check that the User still has the right security clearance.
  • Check if you want the User to receive notifications about all serious stories. If you do you'll need to add their email and/or mobile number in the Our Organisation screen under Contact Information.
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