What is a PeopleSafe Login?

A PeopleSafe Login gives you access to the PeopleSafe software, which includes the Web Application and Mobile App. It's made up of a Username and Password.

How do I get my PeopleSafe Login?

If the organisation you are working for uses PeopleSafe, they will set you up with a Staff Profile and give you a login. The login details will include a temporary password and should be printed out for you.  You can then login to PeopleSafe using those details. You'll be prompted to set a new password when you first login. Change it to one you can remember. This can only be done from a Web browser. 

Your PeopleSafe Login lets you:

  • Tell stories about accidents, near-misses, injuries and risky things  
  • Complete online video training that records it straight on your profile  
  • Stay informed about the risks you work with and how to stay safe  
  • Have one place to go to keep your details updated (including emergency contact details)

Plus you'll be able to:

  • Find all your training records in your profile.

Your Login includes your Contact Details

If you want to update these to make sure all your information is correct, this article shows you how: https://help.peoplesafe.co.nz/article/89-update-user-profile-details

Trouble with your login

If you are having trouble with your PeopleSafe login; the most likely causes are either your web browser is saving and auto-completing an old password or incorrect username; or if it's on your mobile device, auto-correcting your Username, e.g, by adding a space after it. If you're still unable to access PeopleSafe have a chat to your PeopleSafe Coordinator. 

For more help see the Help article on Trouble shooting your Login

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