Troubleshooting Access to your PeopleSafe Account

If you can't get into PeopleSafe or it looks like you've been disconnected from an Organisation, you may have entered incorrect information or changed something in the PeopleSafe Connect screen.

Here are some things to check:

  1. My login isn't working
  2. I'm locked out after multiple attempts to login
  3. 'I am not a Robot' 
  4. I can't login to PeopleSafe on my Mobile device
  5. It looks like my account has been deleted / No such account on Record
  6. (Site Not Mapped)

1. My login isn't working

There are several messages that may show on your screen: 'My Password is wrong' or 'Not a User' ,'No such account on Record' or Woops, something went wrong and it didn't quite work!?

Step One: Check your Username

Check that there isn't a typo in your username, eg a space added at the end of your username is a very common issue. Sometimes  the username may have been saved incorrectly in a Users browser.

On Mobile login

One of the most common issues is "Autocomplete" on some mobile phones adding a <space> at the end of  an email address if it's also the username. That'd be the first thing to check, either by typing the Username in full, without using Autocomplete, or checking for and deleting the space by back spacing the curser if it's adding one at the end.

On Web browser login 

A space may have been added at the end of your Username in your Staff Profile. Try to login again and add a space using the space bar at the end of your Username. If this allows you to login you can then go to your Profile and edit your Username by deleting the space.  For help with this click Update Staff Profile Details

Check that PeopleSafe recognises the Username

It may be that you are just using the wrong Username. If you click the Forgot Password link in the PeopleSafe Login screen, this will tell you if an account exists for that Username and will send a Password reset email. Check junk or spam folders if you don't receive the email. If it is not there, it is possible that you have requested a password reset for another User of PeopleSafe. The Forgot Password screen will tell you : No email address found for this User - Please contact your PeopleSafe Coordinator.

If no account exists in PeopleSafe an error screen will appear.  If you see this screen, you must have forgotten your Username. Talk to your PeopleSafe Coordinator who should have full access to your contact details. They will be able to find your Username and reset your password for you. 

If you are a PeopleSafe Coordinator check you are using the right login for the organisation you are trying to access.

If you are certain your Username is correct, it is most likely the problem is your password.

Step Two:  Check your Password

Remember your Password is case sensitive. In the PeopleSafe login screen follow the Forgot Password process by clicking on the link in the screen. For help with this click  Reset your password

2. Multiple Attempts to Login

The more you try to login and fail, the more security checks PeopleSafe does. This includes showing an 'I'm not a Robot' verification check box which may require you to select things in an image.

Once this happens multiple times PeopleSafe will also lock your IP address for a period of time. This will display on the login screen:  'Sorry, the account is currently locked out due to too many previous attempts'. This will lock everyone on that IP address. This means if multiple people, on different computers are on the same IP address and they keep trying to login, the time you're locked out will increase. 

Even if a User attempts to login using the correct login details, they will see that message on their screen. 

Wait the required time suggested on the screen before you try again.

Note: If the problem persists it may be because someone using the same IP address is not entering the correct Username or Password.  We suggest you start by checking the Username first. See above Step One: Check your Username.  

3. 'I am not a Robot'

To protect websites from unauthorized intruders (called click frauds) we use a security measure from Google called Recaptcha. You may remember previously having to decipher a mixture of distorted letters and numbers. The distorted letters and numbers test were often so hard to decipher that it caused lock-outs and much frustration. The 'I am not a Robot' technology makes it much simpler with one click (and sometimes a quick puzzle) to check you're a real person and not a click fraud.

4. I can't login to PeopleSafe on my Mobile device

If you share the same device with other Users and they have logged out but not closed the App, you won't be able to login. The App must first be closed on the device. Once it is closed you can open the PeopleSafe App on your screen and enter your login details. If that doesn't resolve the issue,  check the username is being entered correctly as per No. 1 above.

5. It looks like my account has been deleted 

If you see on screen 'No such account on Record' this doesn't mean your account has been deleted. It means that PeopleSafe is not showing you any organisation/s that you can currently use or have access to.

This has happened because in the PeopleSafe Connect screen, in the column 'Show in My Dropdown'  at some stage you must have changed the selection from Yes to No. When you change it to No,  the screen automatically refreshes & it no longer shows that organisation in the list and it won't show in PeopleSafe. 

Find this screen by clicking on the Head & Shoulders icon along the top of the screen. You can see a list of Connect Requests as well as the Organisation/s you're connected to. You will need to change the organisation/s your connected to, to 'Yes' to have access. To do this, click No in the 'Show in my Dropdown' column and it will change to Yes.

When you are connected to  multiple organisations - if you click No on all of them then change them all to Yes, –when you next  login,  it will default the home screen  to the All my Organisations screen. This allows you to see a summary of all the organisations you have selected Yes to in 'Show in My Dropdown'. The view only allows you to view data - not add anything. If you wish to do anything you will need to select the organisation you wish to work in from the drop-down list next to All Organisations.

When you login to PeopleSafe and you are connected to multiple organisations, the software defaults to the last organisation you accessed.

The 'All my Organisations' View – only appears if the User has PeopleSafe Coordinator or Adviser security clearance in all the organisations.

6. (Site not Mapped) - Lost Access/ Locked Out 

If you've logged into PeopleSafe and the top left-hand says 'Site Not Mapped' then you're disconnected from your PeopleSafe site. There are a couple of reasons why this message may appear:


A common reason for this is if the Organisation you are connected to has deactivated you from their PeopleSafe Organisation ( if you no longer work for the organisation) . To confirm if you have been deactivated, check under the PeopleSafe Connect Icon along the top of your screen in your web browser. (This is the circle icon with the outline of a head and shoulders to the left of your name). If you've been deactivated, under the heading 'Organisations I am Connected to' nothing will show. Speak to the PeopleSafe Coordinator of the Organisation to find out the details. You may have been made inactive for any number of reasons.

2.'Show in My Dropdown' column set to 'No'

In the PeopleSafe Connect screen, found under the Connect ( Head & Shoulders)  icon along the top of your screen, it will show if you're connected to multiple Organisations.  You can see if any have been switched to 'No' in the column headed :  'Show in My Dropdown'. This will also be the case if you're connected to just one Organisation, and you've clicked 'No' in the 'Show in My Dropdown' column. You will need to change the column to 'Yes' in the PeopleSafe Connect screen.  Scroll down to find the organisation and click on 'No' in the 'Show In My Dropdown' field. It will change to 'Yes' and you will have access again. Refresh your browser and you'll be ready to go.

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