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Training Records

I get an Error Message when uploading Training records, what's happened?

This is most likely to occur if you interrupt the loading of the data in the table of records by clicking on a link or filter while the list is still loading. 

How do I add a certificate, attachment or a note to a training record that has already been added?

To edit or add an attachment or a note to a Training record that's already been 'done' you'll need to first find the training record. Go to the Training Tab > click on Total Training Done box > use the search filters to find the training record and click on View > click on Options and then Edit in the drop-down > make the adjustments or upload the attachment > click on Save - sorted!

Can I create training records for multiple people simultaneously?

You can select all the people from the drop down list 'People who did it', who did the particular training course and attach their certificates. Just be aware if you add any notes or attachments they will appear in everyone's training record.

My staff have done some offline training but the Training course hasn't been added to PeopleSafe so I can't add it to their records

This is an easy fix. Add the training in your Settings area and then add the Record. Once the training is added it will be available in the drop-down list "Training that was done"

Remember, Training Courses represent all offline training (i.e. In-house training, Inductions, Licences, Offsite Training and NZQA qualifications). Once the training courses have been added to PeopleSafe, you can add them to jobs, skillsets, book them for people to do, or record that they've completed them.

How do I find out who went on a training course?

Go to Training and Skills Records > Use the search filters to narrow down the list. 
Available search filters are "Training Course", "Completed By", "Date It Was Done" and "Expires On".

Why can I edit or force expiration on some training records and not others?

You cannot force expiration for online training courses, but you can for all other Training and Skills records. If you want to change the expiration date of an online course, go to Settings > Training Courses and Skills, select the course and edit it. This will change the expiration date for all people who've completed it. Alternatively, you can book the course for a single staff member, even if it's not due.

In the Staff Profile, I click on the training done, why does it take me to the training course and not the training record of when the person completed it?

Aha! Trick for young players. When you click on the name of the training course it will direct to you to the Training Course. However when you click on the date the training was completed (right next to the training course name) it will direct you to the record of the training completed.

Training Dashboard

Can I remove expired Training so it doesn't show on my dashboard?

You can't remove expired training, by nature the training record has expired. The Dashboards are showing the state of things. The Expired training box only shows training that's expired, so it doesn't show training that's been booked.

What is 'Training Required Never Done' ?

This list shows training that is required for a Job and you have no record of that training ever having been completed.

Offline Training 

What happens when someone has completed offline training?

As soon as they finish their training, you need to create a training record in PeopleSafe. If they have proof (like a certificate or attendance record), it should be scanned and uploaded into PeopleSafe too. When the training record has been completed, the corresponding task will disappear from the person's task list.

Online Training 

It looks like our Online training has been set up right, but when the questions are completed correctly a failed message appears. What's wrong?

If the training has completed without problems in the past, it may be that someone has gone in and updated the training block and this has created a problem.  Check that you have enough questions for what you've set "number of correct answers required to pass" set to. For example if there was originally 10 questions in the quiz and the person is required to get 10 answers correct but some questions have been deleted it is now not possible to answer 10 questions correctly. 


Why am I not getting notified of expired training?

To receive notification of expired training you'll need to make sure that the training is a requirement of a Job. PeopleSafe checks the Jobs for training due to expire.

Training Reports

How do I report on training courses completed or coming up in the next 30 days?

Go to Reports > Click on the TASKS reports > Choose the report (To Do List for training coming up and All Sorted for completed training) then choose the date range for the training task report.

Training Providers

Where do I add Training Provider details into PeopleSafe so they show up in the drop down?

Go to People > Our Contacts > Add New and select "Training Provider" from the Relationship drop-down menu, or click here to go to PeopleSafe to add it in.

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