FAQs - Usernames

I've forgotten my username, how do I find out what it is?

The first thing to if you've forgotten your username is to check with your PeopleSafe Coordinator. Your Coordinator is probably someone who does Health and Safety for your business or it could even be the Owner. That person should be able to login under their own username and password and check what your username is. They can even reset your password if you've forgotten that. 

I don't know my username or password and I'm the PeopleSafe Coordinator for my site. Where do I get help?

If you are the only person with Coordinator security clearance and you've misplaced your username you'll need to email our friendly Help Desk team. Explain that you're the only Coordinator and you need your username. They'll work through a process to decide what the next steps are.

Still Stuck? Email the Help Team Email the Help Team