How All Organisations View Works

I should have access to more than one PeopleSafe Organisation but the other sites are not in my drop-down, what's happened?

There are a few reasons why this could occur: 

1. A Coordinator of that site has deactivated you 

Your coordinator could have done this because they believe you do not need access anymore. You'll need to contact them directly to be able to reinstate your access.

2. By accident you've been playing and selected 'No' when showing the organisation in your drop-down. 

Quick fix. Click on the connect notification icon (the small circle icon next to your name on the top right-hand side). Find the organisation and click on the 'no' in the 'Show In My Dropdown' field. It will change to yes and you will have access again. Refresh your browser and you'll be ready to go.

3. You haven't been connected to the site in the first place

You'll need to contact someone who has Coordinator Security clearance in the site you need access to. They'll be able to Connect you.

Can I edit or delete any of the records when I'm in the 'All My Organisations' view?

The All My Organisations view is just that, a collective view of all the data in each site you belong in. You may report on the information and search for records across all sites but there will be not the function to edit or deactivate any of the information. You will need to scope to the site the record belongs in to make any adjustments.

Can I look at selected sites and not all of them at once in 'All My Organisations' view?

Currently there is only the function to view all of the organisations you are connected to at once.

I am connected to multiple sites but I don't have the 'All My Organisations' view in my drop-down, why's that?

The only reason you wouldn't have the All My Organisation view in your drop-down would be if you didn't have Coordinator security clearance in every site you belonged in. You can check this by clicking on the connect icon (a small circle icon with the outline of a person, the icon is along from your name at the top right). You'll see the 'Relationship to them' field detailing what security clearance you have in each site you're connected to.

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