FAQs - Logging into PeopleSafe

I've tried my username and password a few times and now it's locked me out. Help! What do I do now?

When a user tries to log into PeopleSafe and is unsuccessful multiple times (due to incorrect password/username), PeopleSafe thinks it's being hacked and will temporarily lock out the user from attempting to log in for a period of time. The solution is to wait the specified time before you try to log in again. You will also be required to complete the 'I am not a Robot' checkbox.

Are my log in details case sensitive?

Your PeopleSafe username is NOT case sensitive however your PeopleSafe password is case sensitive.

What is the 'I am not a Robot' thing?

To protect websites from unauthorized intruders (called click frauds) we use a security measure from Google called Recaptcha. You may remember previously having to decipher a mixture of distorted letters and numbers. The distorted letters and numbers test were often so hard to decipher that it caused lock-outs and much frustration. The 'I am not a Robot' technology makes it much simpler with one click (and sometimes a quick puzzle) to check you're a real person and not a click fraud.

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