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'Training Courses & Skills' is the name PeopleSafe gives to the requirements a person needs to do their work. This feature primarily exists to provide an easy way to manage training and skill requirements.

These requirements can be traditional training methods as well as more modern training courses. The types of training courses or skills a user might add into PeopleSafe are inductions, licenses, NZQA qualifications, on the job training, in-house training, vetting checks, certifications, online learning or anything that you require your workers to have (and need proof of) to be able to do their job. 

Training Courses & Skills exist in PeopleSafe as a list in the Settings section. Users with PeopleSafe Coordinator security clearance can add to the list of Training and Skills.

Once the Training Courses & Skills have been added to PeopleSafe, users can be booked or tasked to do the training or skill.

  • Tasking training will create a task to notify the user that they have training to do. The training will be completed outside of PeopleSafe and the proof of completion will need to be added into PeopleSafe as a training record. Adding this training record will automatically complete the task.
  • Booking Online Training will create a task that requires the user to log into PeopleSafe and complete the online components of the training. The Online Training may be a combination of videos, quizzes or PDFs. Once the user has successfully completed the Online Training the record of completion will be added to their profile and the task will complete itself.

Training Courses & Skills can be added as requirements to Jobs in PeopleSafe. This means when a person is given a job in their PeopleSafe profile then they will also be given any Training & Skills linked to that job as a requirement. PeopleSafe will notify the site's Coordinator of these requirements in their daily updates email and continue to do so until the Training Courses & Skills have been completed and recorded in PeopleSafe for the person.

Training Courses & Skills Fields Explained

Name of the Course or Skill This is the name of the training or skill. Must be unique
How is it done?
Select Online to turn the course into an online training course. All other options will make the training or skill an offline course which will require a training record added to PeopleSafe before the task will complete. 
External Provider A drop down list populated from your list of 'Our Contacts' in the people tab
Location (for offline parts) A field to type in where the training will happen. Not a required field.
Online Training Blocks A drop down list of all the Online Training Blocks. The order they are played in will be alphabetically based on the online training block name.
Record as complete at the end of the online parts (if any) This option will determine whether the Online Training will be able to be completed and the training task disappear upon completion. If YES is selected then once the user has successfully completed the task it will auto complete. If NO is selected then once the user has successfully completed the task it will stay outstanding. 
How long does the Training take? Give the staff member an idea of how long they can expect the training to take. 
Things Staff need to know: Information in this field will be emailed to users when they're booked on online or offline training. It will also appear at the beginning of the Online Training Course.
Must be repeated every This field will set how often (if applicable) the training will expire. 
Notes This field is for notes about the course. Standard Staff and Manage Users security clearance can navigate to the Training Course and view these notes but the notes will not appear with the training task or in the online training. 
Attachments This field is for attachments about the Training Course. Standard Staff and Manage Users security clearance can navigate to the Training Course and view attachments but the attachments will not appear with the training task or in the online training (if applicable).

How Training Courses & Skills Work

  • Training & Skills are stored as a list within the Training & Skills Settings in the PeopleSafe Settings section.
  • Users with Coordinator Security Clearance can add to and edit Training Courses & Skills.
  • All active PeopleSafe users with staff relationship can be booked on or tasked to complete Training Courses & Skills.
  • PeopleSafe will auto-populate a new site with generic Training Courses, Skills, Licenses, and Online Learning to help the user get started.
  • Training Courses and Skills can be assigned to each 'Job'. Either directly to the 'Job' or to a 'Job Skillset'.

Getting Started

The aim with setting up Training Courses & Skills is to create a list that is a manageable size but has sufficient detail to cover each training or skill requirement a person has. 

Using a 'Safety Hub'
If an organisation is connected to a Safety Hub, it may already contain a list of Training Courses & Skills, which may either be sufficient; needing added to; or, needing to be replaced entirely.

If you are setting up a Safety Hub for your own organisation, please see Setting up a Safety Hub

If you are setting up an organisation, firstly, check whether your organisation is already connected to the PeopleSafe Safety Hub. If the PeopleSafe Training Courses & Skills do not apply to your organisation you may delete some or all as required from the Manage Subscriptions page.

PeopleSafe has three Training Courses & Skills Safety Hubs that most users will automatically be subscribed to upon signup. The three Safety Hubs are separated into Online Learning, Training Courses and Licenses. Check our Help Article HERE

If the organisation you’re managing has its own organisation-specific Safety hub, then consult with whoever manages that for your organisation before adding to or changing the Training Courses & Skills list.

Expected Step by Step Process

  1. Check to see if Training Courses & Skills are already added
  2. Take Ownership of Training Courses & Skills if required
  3. Add new Training Course & Skills
  4. Edit existing Training Course & Skills
  5. Delete/Deactivate Training Courses & Skills as required

Adding, Editing or Deactivating Training & Skills

Click on the Help Article below for more detail.
How to: Add Training & Skills

Editing and deleting Training & Skills can both be achieved once you've successfully navigated to view the full Training & Skills list. 

  1. Click on your Organisation's Name at the top left
  2. In the drop-down click on the Settings button
  3. Click on Training Courses & Skills in the Training & Skills Settings section
  4. Click on the Training Course or Skill you want to edit or delete
  5. Click on the Options button
  6. In the drop-down click on either Edit or Delete 

Note:  Any Training Courses & Skills displayed in Italics are subscribed from a Safety Hub and cannot be edited or deleted without first Managing the Safety Hubs your organisation are subscribed to.

Access Permissions

Users with Coordinator Security Clearance can:

  • Create and edit Training Courses & Skills 
  • View the history of Training Courses & Skills.
  • Upload and create all Training Courses & Skills attachments and notes.
  • Export Training Courses data via CSV.

Users with Manage Users Security Clearance can:

  • View Training Courses & Skills available
  • View all Training Courses & Skills notes, attachments and history.

Users with Standard Staff Security Clearance can: 

  • View Training Courses & Skills available.
  • View all Training Courses & Skills notes, attachments and history.


Deleting / Deactivating

Training Courses & Skills can be deleted* at any time. This will remove the training course or skill from the list of Training Courses & Skills in Settings. This will also remove the training or skill from any Jobs with it as a requirement. 

For staff members who have been assigned Jobs with Training Courses and Skill requirements, upon deletion those requirements will be removed. This will not delete or deactivate any Training Courses & Skills already recorded for the person just the requirement.

Note: Any Training Courses & Skills displayed in italics are subscribed from a Safety Hub and cannot be deleted or deactivated individually without first performing the action 'Taking Ownership' of the Safety Hub. 

Related Processes and Tasks

When a person has a PeopleSafe Job in their User Profile with Training and Skill requirements associated with it, the PeopleSafe application checks each night if each staff member who is assigned this Job is up-to-date with these training requirements. If not, an email and a Task will be sent to Managers of the staff member and to PeopleSafe Coordinators, with the details of what Training Course or Skill is required. 

Export Data

The Training Courses & Skills list, and directly associated data can be exported in .CSV format at any time. How to: Export Data from PeopleSafe

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