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What is PeopleSafe Connect?

PeopleSafe allows Users (staff or friends) to have access to more than one organisation at a time. When a User is first set up in PeopleSafe they are given a unique 9 digit PeopleSafe ID number.  This  number stays with them along with their username and password.  Adding an existing User to your Organisation is done via the  Connect feature in PeopleSafe using their PeopleSafe ID number.   It means there is no need for additional usernames and passwords to be managed or given out and a User only has to remember one set of login details. When they login to the Mobile App they can have access to several organisations at once.

Who are 'Staff'?

Staff are the people on your direct payroll list. They are the full-time, part-time or casual employees in your organisation.

Who are 'Friends'?

Friends can be contractors, volunteers, student workers, safety advisers etc. Basically anyone who is not a staff member but may need to have some access to your site for whatever reason.

Can anyone be a Friend?

To be a friend you'll need to be signed up to PeopleSafe and have a PeopleSafe ID number. If you need more information on how to subscribe to a full plan email info@peoplesafe.co.nz or visit http://www.peoplesafe.co.nz/ for more details

What can a Friend do on my PeopleSafe site?

You can give your Friends different security clearances based on what they need to access in your site. Everyone has access to tell stories but anything else or anyone else they can see is up to you to decide.
How do I give Friends the right permissions?

How do I get the PeopleSafe ID number of the Friend or Staff member I'm trying to connect?

Very simply they will need to give you their PeopleSafe ID number.  Only they can find their PeopleSafe ID number, as it will be in their Staff Profile. Where do I find my PeopleSafe ID Number?

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