How Training and Skills Work

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Training & Skills is the name that PeopleSafe gives to any training, skill, license or qualification requirements a person needs to do their work. Training & Skills exist as an easy way to manage training and skill requirements. 

In PeopleSafe Training & Skills are created first in the Settings as a list. Users have the option to customise whether the training is completed online ( training that is set up in PeopleSafe for a worker to complete), or offline ( all other training or skill ), set frequency of expiration and identify important features of the training or skill. Once the Training Courses & Skills have been added to PeopleSafe, users can be booked (online)  or tasked ( offline) to do the training or skill.

  • Tasking training will create a task to notify the user that they have training to do. The training will be completed outside of PeopleSafe and the proof of completion will need to be added into PeopleSafe as a training record. Adding this training record will automatically complete the training task.
  • Booking Online Training will create a task that requires the user to login to PeopleSafe and complete the online components of the training. This is started from the Task screen. The Online Training may be a combination of videos, quizzes or PDFs. Once the user has successfully completed the Online Training the record of completion will be added to their profile and the task will complete itself.

Once the training or skill has been completed (whether offline or online) a record of completion will exist in their User Profile. If the training or skill has been given an expiration time frame PeopleSafe will notify the user 30 days prior to the expiration date with an email notification and task. 

How Training & Skills Work

  • All active PeopleSafe users with staff relationship can be booked on or tasked to complete Training Courses & Skills.
  • Users can complete Online Training directly in PeopleSafe software.
  • Users with Manage Users or Coordinator Security Clearance add offline training records for users.
  • Adding a Training Record will automatically complete any Training Tasks for the corresponding user and Training Course or Skill.
  • Training and Skill Records are added to a User's Profile when they complete Online Learning or when training is recorded for them.
  • Training Records can be filtered and turned into reports via the Training Smart-list.
  • PeopleSafe will notify relevant users with Coordinator and Manage Users security clearance 30 days prior to a Training Records expiration of the fact.

How Training & Skills Help

Recording the Training & Skills that people have in PeopleSafe is a good way to manage who does or doesn't hold these requirements. 

PeopleSafe notifies users before these requirements are due to expire, so preparation can be made to renew the Training or Skill. 

Getting Started

Once Training Courses & Skills have been added to your PeopleSafe site, getting started is as simple as booking your staff on Online training and/or Tasking Offline training to do. Once the offline training has been completed then adding a training record to PeopleSafe.

Expected Step by Step Process

Recording, Completing, Editing, Deleting Training & Skills

Click on the Help Article below for more details:

How to: Book Online Training
How to: Task Offline Training
How to: Record Training that has been done
How to: 
Assign Training to a Job

How to: Complete Online Training Click Here.

  1. Click your Task Icon
  2. Find and click on the Online Training Task you want to complete
  3. Click the blue Take Course Button 
  4. Follow through the steps on screen; watching and reading any video or PDF components, and completing successfully the following quizzes (if any). 

How to: Edit or Delete Offline Training Records

  1. Click on the Training Tab
  2. Click on Training Completed 
  3. Find the offline training record you want to Edit or Delete and click View
  4. Click on the Options Button 
  5. In the drop-down click on either Edit or Delete

When EDITING a Training Record you have two options:
1.  You can adjust the date it was completed on. This will change the expiration date to match the new date and frequency of renewal in the training course settings. 
2. Alternatively you can force the expiration date to a date of your choosing. This option will bypass the frequency of renewal time in the training course settings. 

Access Permissions

Users with Coordinator Security Clearance can:

  • Complete own Online Training.
  • Book Online Learning for all staff users.
  • Task Offline Training for all staff users.
  • Record Training for all staff users.
  • View all Training Course & Skill Records.
  • Export Training Record data via CSV.

Users with Manage Users Security Clearance can:

  • Complete own Online Training.
  • Book Online Learning for users they have been given visibility of,
  • Task Offline Training for users they have been given visibility of. 
  • Record Training for users they have been given visibility of. 
  • View Training Course & Skill Records of users they have been given visibility of. 

Users with Standard Staff Security Clearance can: 

  • Complete own Online Training.
  • View own Training Course & Skill Records in Training Tab and in their User Profile.


Deleting / Deactivating

Offline Training Courses & Skill Records can be deleted at any time. This will remove the training record from the user's Profile and from the list of Training Records over in the Training Tab.

*Online Training Courses & Skill Records cannot be deleted or deactivated. 

Related Processes and Tasks

When a person has a PeopleSafe Job in their Staff Profile with Training and Skill requirements associated with it, the PeopleSafe application checks each night if each staff member who is assigned this Job is up-to-date with these training requirements. If not, an email and a Task will be sent to Managers of the staff member and to PeopleSafe Coordinators, with the details of what Training Course or Skill is required. It is then up to the Manager or Coordinator to book or task the staff member on the training course or skill. The notifications will continue to be sent until the training has been recorded as complete. 


Smart List Reports
Smart-lists in the Total Training Done box in the Training Tab allows the following Training Record fields to be filtered in preparation for print, PDF, CSV or bar graph reports:

  • Training Course
  • Completed By
  • Date It Was Done
  • Expires On
  • Organisation
  • Action

One Click Reports
The following are reporting categories available in One-Click Training Reports:

  • When it happened
  • People Involved
  • Type of Job involved (Jobs of users who've completed training)
  • Training that was done
  • All expired and/or missing Required Training (by person or by training course)

Export Data

The Training Courses & Skills records, and directly associated data can be exported in .CSV format at any time. How to: Export Data from PeopleSafe

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